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iCare - Our International Non-Profit

Mission Statement

iCare is dedicated to helping prevent blindness in impoverished communities around the world.


The mission of iCare is to provide the highest quality of ophthalmic and medical care for impoverished communities that, otherwise, would have no access to medical care.


iCare works with the local ministries of health, local health care workers, and if possible local and visiting ophthalmologists to provide training and development of local public health care resources.

iCare also works with local NGOs and entities to establish eye clinics for communities that would not otherwise have access to ophthalmic and general health care.


The Beginning/Past

iCare began when ophthalmologists from the East Bay area of California went on medical missions trips to countries like Cambodia, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Kenya, Myanmar, and Swaziland. Primarily, their services were completely pro-bono. The people they met and the conditions they saw were so powerful, the trips became more than isolated visit - they became part of a larger organized, effort to provide ophthalmic care to the needy everywhere. Enter iCare.

The Present

iCare was established with the intent to provide the highest quality of ophthalmic care to those with the least access to any type of health care. But what began as a focus on the needy abroad has naturally spread to a focus on education and care for the needy right in our neighborhoods here in the East Bay. Many patients, individuals and organizations have approached iCare in search of ways to donate to its philanthropy. Any donations made in the form of capital, intellectual property, or real property will be completely handled by iCare’s board of trustees. Collaborating with our friends in Myanmar.


The Future

iCare is expanding to many countries as well as receiving support from other like minded physicians and volunteers. We are busy applying for grants and thinking of ways we can better serve both the local and global community.

Visit iCare's website:

Lanzhou (蘭州) and Lizhou(利州), China
Kunming (昆明), China
Richmond, California 
San Francisco, California 
La Mision,
San Pablo,


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